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Marko Pyhajarvi Coaching & Consulting Company

We are an experienced team with +10 years of experience in sourcing, branding, selling and scaling businesses. We actually do what we preach.

So you would love to build yourself a business and a brand that makes you wealthy and successful, right? 

Awesome, but I bet you wouldn’t like to spend years in time and tens of thousands in euros to reach it. You would rather get things DONE much faster with less money spent in “mistakes”, right?

Consider working with us. We are a team of experts that have been doing sourcing, brand building, sales and advertising, as well as scaling to new markets for more than 10 years.

We can help you to get there faster. 

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Premium Consulting – We do it all for you

If you prefer not doing everything by yourself, we are here for you. We can help you build a business by actually doing everything needed.

Premium Coaching – We teach you how to do it all

You would love to learn everything required to build a business, or you would love to learn only certain topics such as sourcing, branding or marketing? We can teach you.

Elite ECommerce Club – Grow your business with us

How would you like to receive hot product ideas, “what works now” tactics, only for members webinars, etc? Once a month. Join our Elite ECommerce Club now.

Marko Pyhajarvi Coaching & Consulting: Our Story


It was back in 2010 when I realized that a normal day job is not for me. I wanted to build my own business.

Don’t wait anyone to come and give you a business. You need to start building it by yourself“.

That’s what I read from the book of Tim Ferriss back in 2010. That one line was a slap in my face, because the very next day I resigned from my day job.

Soon we built our very first ECommerce store selling clothing and jewelry to firefighters and paramedics in the United States and some other countries.

During the first year in business we made over 1 million in sales.

We started from nothing with just a shoestring budget and heart full of enthusiasm.

We were newbies, so we got scammed by some suppliers. We made a ton of mistakes, and burned money in bad investments.

It was my “real-life university degree” to ECommerce business. After that first store we have built multiple successful stores and businesses online.

Today we help our customers to build their dreams. We help our customers to launch a business, build a store, source and brand products, sell with advertising, and build marketing automations and sales funnels.

Join us, and start building your own dream today!

Top professionals
$ spent in advertising
Projects done
Years in business
Factory contacts in China

Company’s Leaders



Founder & CEO

Marko is highly experienced with selling physical and digital products online, and he is responsible for coaching our customers.



Sourcing specialist

Kuldar is highly experienced with sourcing products from China, and especially more advanced products such as electronics, toys and cosmetics that require various EU regulations. Kuldar is responsible for sourcing products for our customers.



Branding specialist

Mike has +15 years of experience in branding products, and he can come up with truly stunning results. Naturally Mike is responsible for branding products for our customers.

Ready to build or grow your business? 

We are here to help you in many ways. Don’t hesitate, because by hesitating you are wasting time in your life. Get in touch today. Let’s start by chatting what you could/should do first/next.

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Clients Love Our Company!

I went from zero to $100k a month in 60 days with the skills I learned from Marko. He has an impressive amount of knowledge in ECommerce business.

Aappo Tarpeenniemi
ECommerce Business Owner







What We Are Good At

We focus on building and growing ECommerce Businesses. That’s where we are good at.

We have +10 years of experience in building ecommerce businesses. 

We have a strong team that does sourcing, branding, advertising and marketing automation to our customers. We also build the actual online stores for our customers.

More services


With our 1000+ factory contacts in China we can find you pretty much any product you want to sell. With high quality, of course.


Our highly experienced branding team can create you stunning logos, graphics, packages and package inserts that stand out.

Marketing & Selling

After spending over 2 million euros in Facebook advertising we know how to SELL products online. We help you to sell products with Facebook and Google ads.


I bet you would love to sell a lot even when you sleep or enjoy vacation, right? That is possible with marketing automation that we do for our customers.

Customer Service

All truly successful businesses have one thing in common – outstanding customer service. Our highly experienced customer service team can work for you in multiple languages.


In addition to consulting we help our customers by teaching everything they need to know in order to build and run a successful ECommerce business. We can help you too.

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